Mater Mortis - Supernatural Encounters

by engelsstaub

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My dear friend!

Congratulations, you have found of a unique audio document of the supernatural.

Join us on our journey through a parallel world and become a believer.
 Enter haunted mansions, meet ghouls, the undead, vampires, restless spirits, cursed souls and other inhabitants of this parallel world and hear their stories.
But be careful and follow the path given. Don't deviate, there is too much danger of conjuring up an unwanted entity.

Enough words, time to begin the journey.
 We wish you a pleasant and safe stay!

Mater Mortis

...awakened by the affinity to the horror genre - be it the past or the modern pearls.

We are writing the year 2017. The two Northern Hessians Janusz Zaremba and Mark Hofmann set out to record supernatural events in word and sound, entirely in the tradition of the Brothers Grimm. And history also knows that you can rely on North Hesse, since North Hessian mercenaries fought in America not far from the small town of Sleepy Hollow. One of those (meanwhile headless) mercenaries is still told today.

And the acoustic garb of the encounters is as different as the events themselves. The palette ranges from Darkwave to Gothic Rock to New Retro Wave and a touch Industrial.
Samples from old films help to tell the story and round off the acoustic garb.


released October 18, 2019

Composed, recorded, mixed and produced by Mark Hofmann & Janusz Zaremba @Warehouse 13 2017 – 2019

Guest speakers: Iris, Annabelle, Lorraine, Ed, Peter

Artwork & DTP by Mark Hofmann

External sound source:

Loopmasters Movie Dialogue • Zero G Skinny – Sample Magic • Cymatics • Big Fish Audio

External artwork source: •

Janusz’s thoughts go out to: Nicole Braun for inspiring motivation • Bozena Zaremba: Have a save trip to ∞ • Danuta Naruszewicz Zaremba that you’re here


all rights reserved



engelsstaub Kassel, Germany

Engelsstaub – The band formed in 1992.

Engelsstaub's music leans toward the ethereal/neo-medieval end of the gothic spectrum

- Silke Hofmann - vocals
- Janusz Zaremba - guitars/vocals
- Mark Hofmann - programming/guitars/vocals
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Track Name: Darkness Falls
The time has come
Darkness surrounds us
Track Name: Knock Knock
Hush - there's something at the door
It's creeping and it's crawling all around the floor
Hush - there's something at the door

Hush – what‘s there under your bed?
Hush – don‘t move, be quiet instead
It‘s a pale face with long black hair that cannot find a rest
Hush – don‘t move, be quiet instead

Hush - a rumble from the basement
We play together hide and seek so clap your hands for me
Hush – don‘t turn around my dear
Track Name: La Llorona
You were a beauty and so deeply in love
For you your man was sent from heaven above
But one day he was gone

Night after night, you were crying for him
Your two boys were desperate and praying as well
But he didn’t come back

Then one day you saw him downtown with a wife
So next you decided to end your boy’s lives
My beauty in tears

You took your two children to the riverside
Still caring but their eyes and small hands were tied
My beauty in rage (you drowned them)

Then she went insane and ran through the streets,
Weeping and crying for her children to return
But it was too late
She refused to eat or drink and slowly withered away
But her spirit lived on, still grieving day by day
Track Name: Wesen
I’m a Blutbad. What do you see?
My eyes blood red, pointed are my teeth
My fingernails extend into long curving claws
You surely love my fierce-looking visage
A woge makes me fast, durable, agile,
And resilient, with my very own fighting style

I’m a Wildesheer, what do you see?
I go into a rage on the battlefield
A wolf warrior Wesen with sharp glistening teeth
My black eyes always focus on the enemy
Upon my arriving there is a storm of lightning, thunder,
And wind, as if the beasts are blown out of hell
Track Name: Midnight
Hello darkness, my old friend
The midnight hour is close at hand
I already kissed the light goodbye
Now we’re facing both eye to eye

The evil is awakening around us
I feel a strong yearning for blood
So, I’m gonna have a meal in the neighbourhood
but I have to hide from the Monster Squad

Welcome fiends and ghouls to another witching hour
Greetings to the bats there in the bell tower

When the bones rise from their musty graves
And the witches, like always, misbehave
When hungry creatures are out for a bite
Then everybody knows it’s midnight

When ‘Lady Lovibond’ arrives at the port
And skull bowling is another popular sport
When Peter Vincent clings to his cross so tight
Then everybody knows it’s Fright Night

Now open the red door and let the folks in
The red eyed demon and the other vermin
Would you like to be haunted by a Ghost?
Or do you prefer being a demon’s host?!

No matter which way you choose to go
You will be part of the midnight horror show
Try to survive ‘til the clock strikes one
Then the hour is over and their work is done
Track Name: Blocksberg
When When April breathes its last night
and And only the brave dare to go outside
then they come riding on broomsticks and goats
join the great feast that everyone knows
Come in droves
Winds will ignite the embers brightly
that the fires will show you the way

Come to Blocksberg witches dear
Come to Blocksberg Master’s here
Come to Blocksberg take your chance
Come to Blocksberg come and join the devil’s dance

My evil people from everywhere
Frog, cricket and the fly crowd play to dance
We offer you pyre with view on the gallows
Thumbscrews and ladders are waiting for you too
You can also go for a swim tonight
With hand and foot bound, a free service for you
Track Name: What I Do In The Shadows
Night is falling, time to step out of the shadows
Gliding with the moonlight, following the dirge of blood
I need to wet my thirsty throat but something’s holding me back
The city lights and the tumult of life confuse my senses

It's not easy being a vampire these days
The world has changed in oh so many ways
in the old days it was easier
food was easier to catch
and wasn't contaminated yet
Even flying is not what it used to be
The air is no longer fresh and clear
Aircraft, all that new-fangled stuff
Skyscrapers restrict my radar
I have to take care when I’m coming down

I miss the long winter evenings in the library
The fire in the fireplace and a glass of warm, fresh blood
Nowadays I have to make do with a bag of old blood and the books are digital
This is truly not the life that I imagine
How hard it was to find a dark, musty place for my coffin
Everywhere only these modern walls
Humans also have no respect for monsters anymore because too many live among them
Track Name: Child's Play
I married a wife on Sunday
She began to scold on Monday
Bad was she on Tuesday
Middling was she on Wednesday
Worse she was on Thursday
Dead was she on Friday
Glad was I on Saturday night
To bury my wife on Sunday

1 2 3 - play with me
3 4 5 - say goodbye
6 7 8 - don’t be late
9 and 10 - . . .

There was a man so wise
He jumped into a bramble bush
And scratched out both his eyes
And when he saw his eyes were out
And reason to complain
He jumped into a quick-set hedge
And scratched them in again
Track Name: Dance With The Dead
There you are lying in your grave
And you’re longing for a change
Time seems to stand still
But did you hear about the ball?
Invited are the undead all
So, take your chance and go there

You can shake your bones, you can spin your skull
Give your body to the beat
And those of you who still got an ear
This is the tune you are going to hear

You've spent so long in the darkness
So, do you still have a guess
How pale the moonlight is
The ball is open air tonight
The full moon will be shining bright
Now take your chance and go there

And for one more night the dead walk the earth
Don't stay there in the void you're lying in
Don't be dead as dust the only time this year
This is the tune you are going to hear
Track Name: A Haunted House
There exists a world parallel to ours where our rules don’t apply
Where the echoes of the past resound today
Shadow figures used to hide in the corners, objects disappear
And suddenly things get cold

In this haunted house there's a poltergeist
living next door to the bogeyman
they hunt and they scare you, let’s have a cheerful night
all the little creeps here will welcome you
spooky scary creatures will be lurking for you
they hunt and they scare you, frighteningly close

If a doll is moving around by itself you better leave it alone
And if you see decedents, don’t trust your eyes
if a stranger is offering you a deal you better deny it
If you need assistance ask Papa Legba but be sure to pay him well
Track Name: The Crooked Man
There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
He found a crooked sixpence upon a crooked stile
He bought a crooked cat, which caught a crooked mouse
And they all lived together in a little crooked house
He met a crooked woman and he found a crooked preach
They had a crooked marriage on a crooked little beach
They had some crooked children and they lived a crooked life
The crooked man, the cat, the mouse, the children and the wife
They were happy for a number of crookedly long years
Lived a life of crooked happiness, no worries and no fears
Until one day the crooked wife upset the crooked man
He yelled a crooked yell and then he hit her and he ran
The crooked man came again at the stroke of twelve
That was when their crooked life became a living hell
There was a crooked man and he walked a crooked mile
And when he killed his wife and kids, he smiled a crooked smile

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